Grant for Young Artists

Selection Criteria

The Praemium Imperiale Grant for Young Artists is a program run by the Japan Art Association to nurture young artists, and to support their works and activities. The Grant was inaugurated in 1997 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Praemium Imperiale, and an annual grant of 5 million yen is given to a group or institution that encourages the involvement of young people in the arts. The selection is made by the nomination committee led by an international advisor on a rotating basis.

To support and encourage the activities of young artists.

Organizations that actively contribute to the development of young artistic talent, or promising young artists. The artists should be professional, or in training to become professional.

The international advisor in charge of announcements of Praemium Imperiale recipients for a given year shall select the recipient of the grant, in consultation with his nomination committee, and shall notify the Japan Art Association and obtain its approval.

Value of the Grant
The maximum value shall be 5 million yen annually. Where there is more than one recipient, the sum shall be divided among them.

Obligations of the Grant Recipients
The organization, group, or individual awarded the grant shall use the grant exclusively for artistic activities and are requested to submit a report on their activities to the Japan Art Association, to be published in its Annual Report.